Refinishing a laminate gun stock

has anyone ever done one ? Can I use a stripper to remove the old finish or should  Laminated wood stocks offer an excellent combination of price and Mike Ricklefs has written a comprehensive article on stock painting that includes a special section on clear-coating over laminated Water Transfer Printing for Rifle Stocks. They shrink, dry out and get very brittle, deteriorate with oil, time, ultraviolet light, change color, etc. After removing the old varnish it's simply a matter of sanding and rubbing the boiled linseed oil into the wood. To the left is a field style stock. “Options” and “custom” are what Boyds is all about. u. Many of my rifles that have had very hard use have laminated stocks and have resisted abrasion, water, warping and swelling. Once you have all the gorila glue sanded off, spray with auto clear 12-15 coats. Use a large, lightly padded sanding block for smooth, full-length strokes, maintaining straight and flat surfaces. Its unique blend of linseed and natural oils dries fast and will not cloud, yellow or crack with age and resists water damage. Allow 15 to 20 minutes for finish to soak into material, and repeat step 6. I have a friend assisting with the fitting, but I'd like to finish the stock parts myself. Evidently, Poplar fits into this category. The stock shows a perfectly smooth surface with no open grain at all, and has a extremely smooth, velvety feel. 5 lb cut, Next, rub the warm solution onto the bare laminate in a thick coat using a The Soviets did not apply the shellac to the inside of handguards and stocks. Utilizing special epoxies, the company layered extremely thin veneers of birch to create stock blanks. I don't want to shoot it till it is fixed so I put the rifle back into it's old home made stock. . The company offers a mind-boggling selection of hardwood stocks for rifles and shotguns from more than 250 gun manufacturers. I have a remington model 7 . , Brown. We specify 1st quality American black walnut in the construction of our stocks, they are turned on CNC machines This stock set is made to our specifications by Boyd Gun Stock Industries in South Dakota. One thing you most remember is that the wood on laminated stocks is stained befor it is glued together. When refinishing a gun stock, most existing checkering can be renewed or reworked utilizing the single-point cut and burnishing method but all restoration options are dependent upon the condition of the stock and must be evaluated on a case by case basis. All advice on fixing this is appreciated. Refinishing laminate stocks isn't much different that refinishing regular stocks. (Longer lengths available) im thinking of getting a mosin nagant m44, the carbine version of the mosin. . Just solid black. Refinishing Stocks with Tru-oil Woodscrew; If you want a dark stock you have to apply a stain to the bare wood and then the tru-oil. Semi-Custom Gunstocks Since 1948 Gunstocks for Over 100 Bolt Actions, Air Rifles, & Muzzleloaders in 25 Different Sporter, Standard & Target Stock Designs! 20 Laminated Colors & 8 Grades of 7 Different Species of Hardwoods! Our Gunstocks are Custom Made. The result is a finish that is highly resistant to water that does not reflect light and shows the grain pattern of the wood nicely. My brother's . Here you'll find reasonable item details. However, this is good opportunity to practice an even coat of finish, which will be required for the final coat. 300 s. TRU-OIL Gun Stock Finish penetrates deeply and forms a tough, clear, hard finish that protects and enhances the beauty of fine woods. JAVA LAMINATE M1 STOCK SET. When I get a crack in a stock, laminate or solid, the superglue applied several times across a couple of days to allow it to soak in will work. Let it dry a 24 to 48 hours to let it set up. Here is a great kit that is perfect for finishing or refinishing your favorite gun. I was told when I bought my gun that it had an oil finish, but it has now gone very dull and there are lots of pores showing in the wood. This is a Birch stock from Dupage's. 99 plus $20. Refinishing your M1 Garand Stock. I have just ordered a Boyds laminate thumbhole stock for my Mauser, and am waiting for it to be dispatched. The depening of the lines results in a series of fully pointed diamonds, which add the finishing touch to any stock. I have one each of the above and wanted to steer clear of the oil finishes for that reason. When he bought it, a fellow customer at the gun shop told him, "Laminate is still wood, and it'll swell, and it'll freeze, and it'll crack. I need to strip the old finish off, but am afraid that a liquid stripper might hurt the laminate (epoxy). It looked really nice. The Stock Doctor Custom Gun Stocks: Restoration, Refinishing and Repair. (one trick i learned from a auto body guy, If you get a run use a razor blade to scrape it off. Find more Low Price and More Promotion for Gun How To Refinish A Laminate Gun Stock Reviews gunsafes That is Gun How To Refinish A Laminate Gun Stock Sale Brand New for your favorite. Strip as normal. Most oil finishes carry an amber tint and that is not going to mix well with a very light colored or gray laminate stock. As for refinishing I seem to remember someone using a special "water based polyurethane" that they claimed would not alter the color of the laminate over time whereas an oil based finish would. other than that treat laminate just like a normal wooden stock. I have no use for them, if I see a gun and it is a good deal I will buy it with a lam. The rifle needs to be stripped and the wood prepared prior to applying a new oil to the wood. The oil finishes are great on stocks that are either dark or have brown tones in them. I have done some in the past and what I will be showing you  This method gives you a "G. I'm looking to finish my first Boyd's nutmeg laminate stock for a sporterized No. Hope this helps. If I can figure it out I will try to post the pictures from my phone. We also offer our stock sets with all of the metal preinstalled as an option. I really like the slimmed down look of the forend some of you guys have done with your rifles and am wondering if it's possible to sand a laminate stock to get the slim look wihtout ruining the gun. Also, filling the pores in laminated stocks is an issue. I got to noticing that the finish is apparently wearing thin (was not thick and shiny clear coat like a model 700 BDL) and looks like water has been getting in behing the recoil pad and starting to get small cracks in the outside layer of the stock. This conservative dual color laminate truly enhances & complements a stainless steel barrel & action! For a more showy laminate, check our gallery for the Electric Blue color---goes great with a stainless setup as well. Mag. They are hand laid with high temperature epoxy resins, placed under a vacuum, and heat cured to obtain the perfect resin to fabric weight ratio. One of the best current alternatives is laminated hardwood stocks. You use pure tung oil and rub it on with your fingers. Laminated or plywood stocks can be easily refinished and don't take much effort to "fill" the wood or grain as they are formed using high pressures and temperature reactive glues. This kit includes everything you need to touch up or restore a rifle stock and protect delicate metal finishes. How to refinish a laminated stock? My desire is to refinish my rifle with walnut filler, walnut stain and true oil. Thought I would pass along his recipe! [FONT=arial,sans-serif]1. Richards Microfit Stocks, Inc. It came with a Brown, oily, stained finish that kept oozing oil. Simply wait 20-30 mins and then wipe off the citristrip. Free shipping and returns on "Gun How To Refinish A Laminate Gun Stock Online Wholesale" for you purchase it today !. Standard configuration stocks come fully inletted with a Pachmayr pad installed and a set of pillars that are ready to install at time of bedding. m that came factory with the laminate thumbhole stock. gunstock Macon Gunstocks, gun stocks, gunstocks, Semi Inlet gunstocks, walnut, walnut gun stocks, walnut gunstocks. I refinished by getting out as much of the oil as possible and applying Feibings Med. But given the choice, go for the real deal. Once finish is applied it will darken considerably. Formed under high pressure and heat, they are far stronger than generic plastic stocks, do not degrade with exposure to UV and humidity, do not absorb moisture, do not out gas, are more rigid and promote accuracy as a direct result of that rigidity. These are really just high falutin' plywood in truth, and can be worked the same as furniture grade plywood. IN SEPARATE SECTIONS . I asked a guy who had a laminated stock that looked great how he did his finish job. Laminated stocks can be a little trickier to finish compared to a hardwood such as walnut, as laminates are often delivered in bright or highly contrasting colors. A properly finished laminate stock is a real head turner, and really doesn't need any graining or striping. Treat the laminate stock just like a regular stock you will not see any glue by sanding or working in your finish, laminate stocks are very easy to finish , they do not absorb the finish like a walnut stock, the color of the laminate may not play well with your choice of finish (tru oil for example) and may cause it to appear a different color. radar of casual shooters and gun owners who are more familiar with the standard AK. I really like the slimmed down look of the forend some of you guys have done with your rifles and am wondering if it's possible to sand a laminate stock to get the slim look wihtout ruining the gun. Slip on the rubber gloves and coat the stock with the finish remover. MANNERS rifle stocks. The buttplate must remain in place during the sanding operation or some rounding of the wood at the butt edges will occur-a sure sign of amateur refinishing. You can oil finish a laminate stock and as long as you don't put too much on it'll give a non-gloss finish. The barrel channel has been really free floated (you could sail a ship down it), and the forward swivel stud has been moved closer to the receiver. I refinished my Swede m/ 96 and will have a Laminated K98 finished with it soon. e97-12. Many woods which may not be suitable as solid pieces (for gun stocks)…. I seem to remember that when Remington first came out with their laminated stock ADL they were a lot darker than the current laminated stocks. It is tough  Sooner or later, everyone who tinkers with guns is going to try his hand at refinishing a stock. Now, you need to know what it takes to actually accomplish  Refinishing a Gun Stock: Hey Everybody! I want to create an instructable for refinishing gun stocks. Like it says, I have a laminate stock bolt action rifle. The fix came from Boyds Gunstocks in the form of a custom laminated hardwood stock and forend set with an optional all-weather finish. Original checkering can be touched up or completely recut. A good sanding, some stain and a good finish, I am eager to see the end result. Aug 19, 2015 Bottom is a newly refinished M92 set with 3 coats of 2. Next Ak 47 Refinish. I also like to see what kind of custom stuff people do to firearms, from a stock refinish to a complete work over. Laminate Only $139. but not very suitable for solid wood stocks. Boyd's laminate stock refinishing question Stocks: Making, Repairing, It can be removed with sanding, paint stripper, or a heat gun. The entire reason to laminate wood is so you can take wood that is somewhere between less than ideal, and borderline garbage, and make it useful as a stock, or a pen, or knife scales or whatever. S. Nothing glossy. Brownell's sells a stripper for the epoxy finish on Rem. Refinishing a laminated rifle stock? If I were to refinish my rifle stock that already has a laminated finish, what would be the best way to remove the original lamination? Update: I only want to remove the outside finish, do some sanding, then refinish it. 223 Rem. The first was to sand only and use no strippers as a laminate stock is like a fiberglass Vette hood. Thanks, Kyle The middle "core" of the stock was cut away to accommodate the old stock, a floating mortise and tenon was fabricated to reinforce the junction where the rear of the old stock met the new laminate section, and the front and rear of the laminate sections were bonded to the old stock using polyurethane glue (Gorilla Glue - my preferred brand) and a sturdy straight-edge to keep things aligned during glue-up. Repeat step 6, and while stock is still wet, wet sand stock with 320 grit sandpaper. How to Refinish a Gun Stock with Birchwood Casey's Tru-Oil Gun Stock Finish "Stock Refinishing Part 1- Removing the old finish An easy way to refinish your gun stock. Stood it it the corner & let'er dry, then gave it a good sanding in restained it followed with a coating of marine spar varnish. Since it was a sale item, I couldn't be too choosy about the colour (Royal Jacaranda). The 10/22 Competition Rifle in a brown laminate stock runs the same as the original, both with an MSRP of $899. The stock I have is off of an old BRNO ZKK 601 in . THE LIST IS BY NO MEANS COMPLETE, WE HAVE OVER 1500 STOCKS. If you intend to remove the old finish which will be lacquer be careful what you use to take it off or it'll react with the resins in the laminate. You can also rub it over with '0000' grade wire wool which will take the shine off it. I have done some in the past and what I will be showing you is my own proven method on how to get that glossy new out of the box look out of your tired looking stocks. My Purpose: The Gunstock Doctor Supply Company . smoke P. Refresh/Renew Existing Finish 2. hobby outlets and mix myself to the things that are sold by different gun companies. It was listed as the handyman special. Boiling a Wood Stock for Grease/Grime removal? I found the following video on YouTube concerning boiling a rifle stock in order to get oil and cosmoline out of the wood. After removing the stocks I coated each with a liberal amount of the stripper. If you gun stock is made of birch it will be light colored and you will have to stain it. Use a course-grit sandpaper to work the lacquer finish off the stock of the gun. 4 Mk1 Enfield rifle. No pattern. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Being cut over top of the finish. The only difference that I recommend is using sandpaper instead of solvent/stripper to remove the old finish. When we receive a gun stock for repairs, the first thing required is a complete disassembly and careful analysis of the damage, to evaluate why it broke, and how extensive the damage is. Hello everyone! I'm new to this site but have a question regarding refinishing a laminate stock on a Ruger rifle. In many cases, stock blanks consisted of 30 to 36 1/16” veneers. Don't worry if you get some on the metal because the gun has gone through a process that protects it and a little water won't harm it. Once the surface is sanded, wash the stock in hot water. Anyone ever refinish a laminate stock? I was wondering if anyone has ever refinished a laminate stock i recently bought a 10 22 and it came with a boyds SS Evolution stock on it. Improve Existing Finish 3. Disclaimer: If the gun you’re considering for refinishing is a collectible, please be advised that any alteration to the originality of the firearm, including refinishing the stock, may decrease the street value of its potential “collectible” status. I then went to work on the stock. Larry Tinkerer I have had 5 bolt guns with laminate stocks split at the tang compared to over 50 solid stocks some of which are over 50 yrs old. shipping Includes the mounting bolt for the thumbhole stock Butt Stock, Forend & Recoil Pad installed High Gloss or Satin Finish All 870 sets are ready to install 12 gauge 20 gauge Youth 20 gauge Checkering. Once the stock was bedded and barrel free-floated it was time to sand and finish the stock. But, good wood is expensive. A clean break thru the wrist often includes several cracks inside of the broken surface, and all must be attended to in the proper order and manner. 2. The stock pictured is unfinished with checkering made out of black walnut. Street value may mean something or nothing to you. Besure to follow the safety directions on the Easy-off oven cleaner can as it is costic. If you stock is made of black wallnut it will be dark anyway. Q I am really confused over stock finishes: lots of my friends talk about the finish on their stocks, most say that an oil finish is best, others say a varnish or lacquer. Gentle Cleaning. There are basically four options to select from when Oil Finishing a gun stock as follows: 1. Strippers can damage or undo the laminate. Welcome to Gunstocks Inc. On my laminated stock, I used a hand-rubbed tung oil finish. Strip And Refinish As Improved Original If the gun is to remain authentic and as original as possible, the original finish used is recommended. e97-13. After you're all done, make sure your stock is sealed, once dry. While more difficult to produce, Dupage Trading Company opted to have the prewar 1939 pattern duplicated. what i want to know is the difference between a laminated stock and non laminated one. WE HAVE SOME SEMI-FINISHED STOCKS, AS WELL AS SYNTHETIC ON OTHER PAGES. The epoxies we use have none of these faults. You can bleach or stain the stock after stripping and reshaping. Sanding and Finishing Boyds' Gunstocks boydsgunstocks. a. Instead, a Though the stock has proven to swell in damp weather. If wood is missing from your broken stock, we can install new wood inserts to complete the stock. Best finish for a laminate stock you can alwasy take it back down to a mate finish, I thinks its called rotten stone. Removed the russian shelac with heavy duty "easy-off " oven cleaner. "Hand" is the operative word here, because there's nothing quite  Did you know that, according to the building industry, laminated wood is 50% stiffer than solid sawn lumber? Not surprising when you consider the advances in   Rifle stock painting clear-coating instructions. It is pictured with square panel checkering. Just picked up a laminated stock from FA. it came out looking too light and almost laminatedcan you tell me what I did wrong? A rifle's original finish can become compromised from wear, weather, accident or abuse. Those pictures (on his  Documenting the refinish of a Romanian WASR-10 AK-47 7. shipping Butt Stock, Forend & Recoil Pad installed High Gloss or Satin Finish Rem 870 Thumbhole Stock Laminate Only $159. may in fact perform much better when used for laminated stocks. Rinse off with water using a plastic brissel brush. It looks a bit windgat in red, grey and brown laminate. What I am meaning is a dark, more flat finish. Refinishing a Gun Stock: Hey Everybody! I want to create an instructable for refinishing gun stocks. Strip and finish as you normally would, paying close attention to getting out all those harsh milling and heavy sanding marks that are so common to laminate pieces. Boyds Custom Hardwood Gunstocks. Great for a target rifle, but a bit too bling for a hunting rifle. 62x39mm Rifle a military used surplus laminated buttstock from APEX Gun Parts for a mere $10! in the end it made for a much smoother action than the stock as-is from factory. Your best bet is to buy a stock in the color you want and sell the other. Old Tree Gun Blanks is dedicated to offering the finest gunstock wood in the world to the custom gun maker and firearm enthusiast. Or new checkering can be added to a new or old stock. The clear coat on the stock is sort of cracking and i was wondering if anyone would have any pointers on refinishing it. Fine sand with #220 wet/dry emery paper. Laminate Stocks- Do They Age Well? This is a discussion on Laminate Stocks- Do They Age Well? within the Maintenance forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; As I patiently wait for the funds I need to liberate a new Marlin from layaway, I'm curious about something. Tactical Style with a 2 1/2" Forearm and a 1/2" Pad Installed Stock is for a Ruger 10/22 Midnight Fire Laminate Laminate stocks come in a variety of color combinations as well as configurations. A popular method for refinishing a rifle stock is by hand-rubbing it with  Here's the bolt as it came out of the rifle. NEW M1 STOCK SETS. gunstock Macon Gunstocks, gun stocks, gunstocks, Semi Inlet gunstocks, walnut, walnut gun stocks, walnut gunstocks Macon Gunstocks manufactures top quality gun stocks in historic Warsaw, Missouri (gun stock capitol of the World). 300 Win. " My brother carried that rifle around Baranof Island for a week in pouring, driving rain and noticed no problems whatsoever. has a laminate stock. The resin in some laminates will swell or dissolve with solvent and you'll have a rippled surface when finished. but I won't go out of my way for one. Also, any wood product that is NOT sealed, in and out, will expand and contract with moisture and heat. Birch is another example…. How to put the shine back on a laminate floor. So I will probably refinish and seal it better. What I want to do is strip and coat the stock with a finish that would look like a synthetic stock. Refinishing laminate stock. Laminate stocks, while heavier, are very attractive and durable. As originally manufactured the M1 rifle had a very graceful and functional stock, due to the necessity of mass production during World War II many of the finer points of this early stock were deleted. A well done and strong repair to a gunstock does not detract from the usefulness in oil, it will also remove all of the finish, and refinishing will also be required. I reccommend a sanding Block to keep it smooth. I saw an article in Shooting Times where Layne Simpson took one of these dark laminated stock and put a stainless 338 barreled action in it. Used sandpaper to remove the remainder and get it all even, I think I used 100, then 200/250?, then 500 or 600 grit to get it nice and smooth. I. If you’re refinishing an old gunstock, use some paint and laquer striper to remove the old finish, and a tooth brush for the checkering, then sand starting with around 100grit depending on the scratches. -. it is very commonly used for laminated stocks…. Pictures would be very helpful if possible. My laminated birch NM heavy target stock (for my LRB) arrived today. I have long been a fan of the SKS rifle, I think it's a great rifle, reliable, decently accurate, and it looks good too. So we include a used GI handguard clip pre-assembled for free. This article will cover one simple way to apply a new finish to your rifle stock. For Oil/Varnish Finishes that indicate in the directions to do so, a small amount of the Oil/Varnish Finish that the stock was finished in is used to clean the stock. It’s unlikely that you need to remove the textured paint to get a smooth finish. Allow stock to dry for 12 hours. You want to lay it on thick as thin spots won't remove as much finish. Here it is after I cleaned it up and polished it on the fine wire wheel. For a hand rubbed, satin luster, simply buff with steel wool and rubbing compound or use Stock Sheen & Conditioner. after that you can do the reshaping and then see what you have as far as the color of the stock. Often a gun just needs a good coat of wax to finish it off or restore it, and a high grade Carnauba wax is one of the most durable and popular choices. Have you recently purchased a laminated wood stock that needs a finish, or a fiberglass stock that you want to  It doesn't matter the reason you've decided to paint your wooden rifle stock, just that you have. Gunstock Manufacturers (57) Handle Stock, Sawed or Planed (4) Hardwood Dimension and Flooring Mills (352) Hardwood Dimension and Flooring Mills, Nec (1) Lumber, Hardwood Dimension (187) Parquet Flooring, Hardwood (24) Used whatever noxious stripper I bought, and while it tried to eat my gloves, used one of those really rough paint stripping sponges to remove all the existing finish. Jack Barrett and his company, Rutland Plywood, changed this in the mid-1980s. Please don't send me items without checking with me first! Specializing in Gunstock Repair and Gunstock Refinishing Anyone ever refinish a laminate stock? I was wondering if anyone has ever refinished a laminate stock i recently bought a 10 22 and it came with a boyds SS Evolution stock on it. Measurements of unfinished stock: Drop at comb of 1 3/8" Drop at heel 2" Max length of pull of 15" with a 1" pad. On the smooth parts of the stock the finish literally wipes right off with no scrubbing and no sanding. Click here to view a description of our semi-finished gunstocks. I have been getting into archery much more than rifle shooting lately which is the reason that I haven't been posting much here Re: Need Help with Finishing a Laminated Stock. Or, you can to fight it. A cleaning product left smears on this flooring. Prior to 1987, there wasn’t a single American manufacturer that offered a wood laminate stock. You Choose the Style, Wood Type & Action Inlet Welcome to Gunstocks Inc. So laminating is a way to make stocks more affordable. New laminated NM stock- How to finish? This is a discussion on New laminated NM stock- How to finish? within the The M14 forums, part of the M14 M1A Forum category; Evening, all. Remove the action, recoil pad, butt plate and sling swivels from the stock with the screwdrivers. Thanks for stopping by !! We manufacture semi-finished / unfinished G UNSTOCKS for all kinds of rifles and shotguns, replacement GUNSTOCKS , custom GUN STOCKS , thumbhole GUN STOCKS etc. What finish do I put on a Laminated Birch ? Boyds Thumbhole stock for a Remmy 1100 ? Just asked Boyds to make me a uncheckered forend to match the Laminated Birch Boyds Thumbhole stock that I have just stripped the textured matt black paint off etc. Traditional wood finishes can alter the colors. Strip And Refinish As Original 4. A stock set without the finish applied is also available. However, as its name suggests, it sports a rather eye-catching wood laminate stock. The stock was originally an oil finish that was varnished some time in the past. Checkering is typically the last thing to be done to a stock. I'm not the original owner and it's really hard to tell due to the age of the stock if it has been refinished or not. All glues have some fault for gun stock applications. the laminated seem to have bolder color to them, i dunno I want to redo the finish on my new england slug gun stock . Photos shown may not be the stock listed, but only a generic photo, we can''t list photos of all the ittems we have. RIFLE, AND FULL SIZE SHOT GUN LENGTH SHOTGUN STOCKS LISTED BELOW. N ew finishes can significantly improve the appearance of your M1 Garand. My company name is StockMaker, I fix gun stocks better than new. 308 Criterion barrel, replaced by Vulcan Gun Refinishing-Beautiful laminate stock, a few small dings-Stamped trigger guard-Trigger housing manufactured between Jan 1951 and Dec 1953 – Comes with 18, 8-round en-bloc clips and 2, 5-round hunting clips-Original military sling-Original parkerized finish in overall good condition Custom built stocks, restoration, refinishing, recheckering, and repairs to wood. For Varnish, Laquer, Polyurethane or other sealed finishes, a small amount of WD-40 may be used to clean the stock. I scraped the old varnish off, lightly sanded it and finished as above with Minwax Antique finish. Browse our english, black, bastogne, royal, and circassian walnut gun stock blanks. looking" stock finish. We think that you will find the Dupage Trading Company M1 stock set is the most authentic looking and carefully manufactured stock on the market. Brown dye cut 25% with denatured alcohol. Birchwood Casey Tru-Oil and gun stock What finish do I put on a Laminated Birch ? Boyds Thumbhole stock for a Remmy 1100 ? Just asked Boyds to make me a uncheckered forend to match the Laminated Birch Boyds Thumbhole stock that I have just stripped the textured matt black paint off etc. This takes some patience but is required in order to properly paint the stock. Rifle Stock Refinishing. It turned out looking great. ,et c. OK folks, I'm aware stock finishing/refinishing has been covered more than many times. To add: if you're ever buying a Boyd's stock with the intent to keep it for many decades AND refinish at some point, buy it unfinished and finish it yourself with a penetrating oil, whether Tru-Oil or something like boiled linseed oil, WATCO oil (really an oil/varnish mix, but looks like an oil finish), or 100% pure tung oil. Start at 200 grit and work back up to 600 grit. It has no grain as such but there are different 'tricks' I have used in the past to create stunning effects with birch stocks such as swirls and tiger stripes. Before refinishing a rifle stock with boiled linseed oil, the old finish must be thoroughly removed. Allow to dry. Refinish Your Rifle's Stock. We stock for target, bench rest, tactical, hunting, varmint, long range, or takedown rifles. This is a new one on me and I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not. anyways. refinishing a laminate gun stock

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